The Alternate WI

Hmmm… what’s this all about then?

The Alternate WI is a sub-commitee of the VHA, set up to organise events to help raise funds for the VHA to ensure it continues to serve our community for many years to come. They will be coming up with an interesting and varied events calendar.

This sub-committee is made up of Sam and Alex, both mums in the village who have been living here for nearly 5 years.

Many of our events will be aimed at ladies, but men are welcome at all our events if they’d like to attend. So we came up with the name The Alternate WI – with WI standing for Weekend Inspiration! (If you immediately think of the Women’s Institute you will be forgiven, that is kind of the intention) 

All events hosted by The Alternate WI can be booked using this button:  Book online

And find us on Facebook here

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