Standard terms and conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions of hire of the hall

Hire agreements for Brafferton & Coatham Mundeville Village Hall (the hall) are subject to these Standard Terms and Conditions.

1. Understanding the hall conditions

The hirer will ensure they and their assistants have a clear understanding of these conditions in force.

2. Statement of purpose

The hirer has entered a clear statement of the purpose of the hire on the booking form.

3. The hirer is responsible for making sure that:

The number of people is not more than permitted by licence and insurance (currently 120)
The use of the hall is fully supervised to keep it safe from any damage of any sort
A fully charged mobile phone is available for use in an emergency
No excessive noise is made during or after the hire and the behaviour of all persons using the premises remains under control.
Any electrical appliance brought into the hall shall be certified safe and used in a safe manner
The hall is not sub-hired or used for unlawful purposes.
No drugs are allowed in the hall and smoking is not permitted.
4. The hirer is responsible at the end of the hire for making sure that:

Everything is left clean and tidy with all rubbish removed. In the event it isn’t an additional fee will be charged to cover cleaning costs.
Tables and chairs are returned to where they were at the start of the hire.
The hall is cleared of people and a physical check carried out to ensure this.
All lighting, electrical and gas appliances are switched off (except the refrigerator).
The hall is secured with all doors and windows locked.
5. The hirer shall indemnify the hall against the cost of repair of any damage to any part of the hall, including its contents by whatever means and all claims arising from a breach of the hall conditions. As directed by the committee, the hirer shall make good or pay for all damage, including accidental damage, to the hall and its fixtures and fittings.

6. Cancellation by the hirer.

If the hirer cancels the booking before the date of the event and the hall is unable to conclude a replacement booking, the hall may, at is discretion, require a payment of hire fees.

The deposit is refundable only at the discretion of the committee.

7. Cancellation by the hall.

The hall reserves the right to cancel a hiring if such a hiring would lead to a breach of licencing conditions or any other statutory requirement, or the hall considers unlawful or unsuitable activities may take place. The hirer shall be entitled to a refund but the hall not be liable for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.

These terms and conditions are agreed and approved by the Village Hall Committee.