Brafferton Rocks

It’s a craze that’s sweeping the North East, and by now probably the rest of the country. A new game, encouraging children to get outdoors, where they search for painted and hidden rocks. The idea is to re-hide them so that someone else can find them and so continue the game and add your own to the game too!

We are lucky enough to have a collection of these rocks hidden around Brafferton and we’re hoping the local community will join us in playing the game.

So here’s what to do.

Step One

Have a walk around the village and the woods near the train track. The rocks are hidden but not so much that you have to search for them.


Step Two

As you continue your walk find other places to rehide the rocks you’ve found.


Step Three

Pick up a few rocks and pebbles that you find on your walk. Take them home to decorate. On the bottom add your name and #braffertonrocks


Step Four

Next time you go rock hunting, hide your own rocks.


Don’t forget to take photos and post them to our Facebook group so that people can see that their rocks have been found, and clues helping parents to find them with  younger children are sometimes useful too!


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