The Blackheart Orchestra returns!

The Blackheart Orchestra returns to Brafferton Village Hall on Friday 6th October.


One of the must-see bands in the UK this year; the pioneering duo blend musical styles seamlessly sidestepping boundaries to create music huge enough to fill a cathedral. Always producing something beyond all easily marketed genres, their multi-instrumental sonic landscapes have always been too unpredictable for pop, too adventurous for the mainstream and too plain weird for folk.

The Blackheart Orchestra are often mistaken for an 8-piece band on first listen, they are found on stage continuously changing from electric and acoustic guitars, bowed guitar, piano, organ, bass and electronic percussion to vintage synthesisers, omnichord and melodica in a complex choreographed weave of musical moods and textures. One moment their sound is minimal and molecular, the next a mountain-like wall of sound with vast symphonic climaxes.

For anyone who would like to find out more you can do so on their

Tickets are available on the door from 7pm – £7.50 adults, £3 children. Please bring your own drinks and nibbles.


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